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Oh hey there!

I'm back! But not really, I just have things I want to say about Sense8 and I want to avoid spoilers for people who haven't finished it yet.

However, don't expect my thoughts to be well organized.

1)Anyway, this is a superhero origin story, or a superteam, but they're only really super as a team. (And y'all know how I feel about superheroes *squee*) Powers, roughly geographically, east to west:

Sun: kickboxing, business sense
Kala: chemistry
Capheus: extreme driving
Wolfgang: street fighting, shooting, safe-cracking
Riley:??? heart? She's Ma-Ti?
Will: cop skills, shooting, leading
Lito: acting, improvising (I LOVE LITO SO MUCH)
Nomi: computer hacking

Actually, given all the imagery in the show, I suspect that Riley's power is that she's the cluster's Angelica, who can "birth" new clusters. (1b- On the inevitable Buzzfee quiz, Which Sensate are you?, I'm going to get Riley, as I currently have no discernible skill to contribute to the group.)

1c) I thought of a reason why I like Lito so much, I think. His experience with the rest of the cluster is really reflective of his life; he's kind of closed off, he doesn't really reach out. He connects only at moments of vulnerability, really, until Hernando leaves and he hits rock bottom, and then he's able to be open up. I didn't entirely realize how little he'd interacted with the others until he helped Will in the last episode, and Will wasn't sure who he was. Lito really grows as a character - they all do, but I think him most of all. (I also love that his superpower is ACTING.)
1c.2) A friend mentioned seeing a comment on Tumblr about how Lito interacts with Sun on an emotional level, rather than using her strength the way Capheus does, and that really is an interesting observation. In a way, they're both the most emotionally reserved - Sun is stoic and cool, and Lito hides his real feelings behind a macho front. But when Sun starts to break down, so does Lito. His other interactions with the cluster have been, up until then, and for a while longer, just fleeting - being inexplicably horny (because Nomi is), feeling a sense of dread and suspicion that he attributes to his character (but really he's sensing Riley). Sun and Lito's first exchange is all about walls breaking down, which is essentially the arc both of them experience, in different ways.

2) The problem of Will. Poor Will! How to keep him alive without Whispers using him to catch everyone. I wondered if they could put him in windowless room so he could still visit with the others, but that still puts everyone at risk; he may not know where he is, but he'll know where they are. In the short term, all I can think of is that Kala can put him in a medically induced coma. In the long term...? Poor Will. Poor Riley.

2b) It's additionally sad because Will is also the most instinctual protector of the group, jumping into people who need help before they've even asked, like with Kala at the temple, or Wolfgang at his uncle's.
2c) Angelica was using heroin or crack or something to hide from Whispers. Yikes.

3) Is it safer to stay isolated geographically or to team up in the same physical space? I don't know. If they're together it's less work for Whispers and BPO to get them all. I suspect pairing up is probably safest - Wolfgang is definitely going to Bombay next season, and Nomi and Lito aren't far apart. But that still leaves the problem of Will, and Sun is in jail, she couldn't go anywhere if she wanted to. Capheus isn't going to leave his mother, unless maybe Mr. Kabaka sends her somewhere to be looked after as a thank you.

3b) I wonder if Nomi can get Sun out of jail. Like, investigate and find evidence against her brother? She'd have to do it super-sly, though, since BPO knows she's part of the cluster and they don't know about Sun yet (I assume, or else Sun would be in serious trouble already. As it is, I imagine that will be a future plot: "Shit, they've identified Sun, we need to get her out of jail before they get to her.")

I also wonder if Capheus is the safest of everyone, being sort of off-grid, or if he's as at risk as the others who haven't been identified. Kala and Sun are both connected to pharmaceuticals, I don't expect that's a coincidence; and Capheus was taking Kabaka's daughter to a hospital... (hospitals become very menacing on this show.)

4) So I just started rewatching, and in the cold open, Whispers says, "Is that Jonas? Tell him I look forward to meeting him." Which means that Jonas and Whispers have never seen each other until Will gets Jonas caught. But Ysra said that Angelica and Jonas were working for BPO. (I wonder if they ever met in person in, what, 20 years?) Hopefully season 2 will give us more insight into their deal, because there's clearly a lot to explore there.

4b) What happened to the rest of Jonas and Angelica's cluster? I assume they're dead, but was it all Angelica's fault? Was that how she came into Whispers' control? What about Yrsa's cluster, are they alive? (I bet meeting other sensate clusters will be a big part of later seasons. Maybe even evil ones!)

4c) How did Jonas know who was in the cluster, but not enough to tip off Whispers to everyone's location? I assume it had something to do with being connected to Angelica when she birthed them (Jonas basically says that). Or maybe not? Maybe he knew who Whispers was already targeting (Nomi, Will) which is why they're the ones he contacts.

5) How about that orgy, though?

6) Rewatching. Re: the birth scene, the first time I caught the thing where Lito is born while his whole family is engrossed in a telenovela, but I just realized that Wolfgang's mother has a water birth, and earlier saw Wolfgang swimming, and he seemed really at peace in water (he also looks less tearfully ecstatic than the others, during his memory, more deeply satisfied) . That made me think how everyone else's births reflect on their lives, some of which are more obvious than others. Riley being born to music, Nomi's mother being so drugged up and disconnected during her C-section, Will being born in the back of a police cruiser. Sun's is kind of sad foreshadowing, being born in a graveyard - but aided by kind strangers. Kala is born in surroundings that look very traditional but colorful and warm, surrounded by family (recall she said she prefers crowds and noise). Capheus's mother only has a couple people aiding her, but I feel like they really pull in on his mother's face and you feel the connection between them.

Further edits as I think of things (as indicated by letters, and also additional numbers if I think of a completely new question). It's a lot to think about.


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